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At EMBR, we’re passionate about the artistry of the photograph, and its ability to capture the pure joy and the unforgettable atmosphere of a couple’s special day. We’ve been photographing weddings for more than 15 years, and bring a depth of experience to our craft. Through our tried and true process, we mind every detail and anticipate the unanticipated to be sure that each moment, each glance, each embrace is captured exquisitely.

Refined Photography and Videography

Our Team

Multi-dimensional occasions such as weddings feature a myriad of narratives and iconic moments, all unfolding simultaneously. This dynamic is why EMBR covers each and every wedding as a team of full-fledge photographers. At EMBR, you won’t find one principal photographer, but rather a cohort of artists, each with a wealth of experience and an exquisite eye for detail and intuitive feel for the moment.